June 2024 Edition
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Newsletter Week 9, Term 2

St Michael's Catholic School, Wednesday 26 June


Tēnā koutou kātoa e te whānau,

This Thursday, we are excited to celebrate Matariki at our school. The day will begin with a school Mass at St. Michael's Church. Please note that the buses will be departing from the school at 8:30am sharp. If your child arrives at school after this time, they will miss the bus, and you will need to drop them off directly at St. Michael's Church at the Lakefront. As all staff will be attending Mass, there will be no supervision available at the school for late arrivals.
After Mass, we will return to school for a variety of engaging activities including fried bread making, harakeke weaving, and traditional Māori games. Our day will conclude with a shared lunch. We kindly ask each child to bring a plate of food from their culture to share with their friends. The shared lunch will be set up in the hall, and parents are warmly invited to join us at 1pm to share kai.
While we had planned to host a cultural showcase in the afternoon, unfortunately, it has been cancelled due to staff absences. However, we are hopeful to reschedule and present the showcase to our whānau next term.
We look forward to celebrating Matariki together and embracing the rich cultural traditions it brings.

Next Thursday is another big day for our school with two exciting events. Our speech competitions will be held at 9:30am, where our students will showcase their public speaking skills. Following morning tea, we will leap into the Jumping June activities. Make sure your child has registered to collect money so they don't miss out on the fantastic prizes. Log in to https://www.jumpingjune.co.nz/ to register your child.
So far Mrs Knox's class is winning, they are in line to get pizza for lunch next Friday.
Let’s jump our way to a fun and active end of the term!

This is our final newsletter before the July holidays begin on Friday, July 5th. Have a wonderful break with your tamariki, and stay safe! We will see you all back at school for term three on Monday 22 July.

Have a great week whanau,

Rachael McLanachan
Te tumuaki o te kura Hato Mikaere

Special Character

Why We Celebrate Matariki

Matariki, the Māori New Year, is a significant event in Aotearoa New Zealand that marks the rising of the Matariki star cluster (also known as the Pleiades) and signals the beginning of the Māori lunar calendar.

Celebrating Matariki is important for several reasons:

Cultural Renewal and Identity:
Matariki is a time to celebrate and strengthen Māori cultural identity and heritage. It provides an opportunity for all New Zealanders to learn about and appreciate Māori traditions, stories, and values.
Reflection and Remembrance:
Matariki is a time for remembering those who have passed away and honoring their memory. It is a moment to reflect on the past year and the people who have been part of our lives.
Celebration and Community:
Matariki brings communities together. It is a time for gatherings, feasts, and celebrations that foster a sense of unity and belonging. It encourages people to share their cultural traditions and connect with one another.
Planning and New Beginnings:
Matariki marks the start of a new year, a time for setting goals and making plans for the future. It is a period for thinking about new projects, personal growth, and community aspirations.
Environmental Awareness:
Matariki is closely connected to the environment and the cycles of nature. It reminds us of the importance of caring for the land, the waters, and the skies. It encourages sustainable practices and respect for the natural world.
Educational Opportunities:
Celebrating Matariki in schools provides a rich educational experience for students. It allows them to learn about astronomy, te reo Maori, and cultural practices, enhancing their understanding and respect for the diverse heritage of New Zealand.

Connection to Our Catholic Faith

Matariki's values and themes align beautifully with our Catholic faith, enriching our spiritual journey and deepening our understanding of God’s creation and community.

Reflection and Remembrance:
Just as Matariki encourages us to remember those who have passed, our Catholic faith places a strong emphasis on remembering and praying for the souls of the departed, especially during Mass and on All Souls' Day.
Celebration and Community:
Matariki’s focus on gathering and community mirrors the Catholic tradition of coming together in fellowship and worship. Celebrating Matariki in our school enhances our sense of belonging and strengthens our bonds as a faith community.
Planning and New Beginnings:
The New Year aspect of Matariki aligns with the Catholic call to renewal and repentance, particularly reflected in the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent. It is a time for setting spiritual goals and renewing our commitment to live according to God’s will.
Environmental Awareness:
Matariki’s connection to nature resonates with the Catholic principle of stewardship of creation. As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to respect and protect the environment, a theme prominently addressed by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si'.
Educational Opportunities:
Integrating Matariki into our curriculum allows us to embrace a holistic education that includes spiritual growth. Teaching about Matariki alongside our Catholic values helps students appreciate God’s creation and the cultural richness of our country.

By celebrating Matariki, we honor the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future, creating a space for cultural expression, unity, and environmental stewardship. This celebration enriches our Catholic identity, reminding us of our call to be a united, respectful, and caring community.

Our STAR Values of Service, Tika, Aroha and Respect, reminds our school community of the way of Jesus.

St Michael's Church Holy Mass Timetable
Holy Mass
Saturday Vigil 5pm
Sunday 8am
Tuesday 5:30pm
Thursday 9am

St Mary's Church Holy Mass Timetable
Holy Mass
Sunday 10am & 5pm
Monday 9am
Wednesday 12:05pm
Friday 9am
Saturday 9am

Community Masses -All Welcome
Miha Maori - First Saturday of the month, 5pm Vigil Mass at St Michael’s.
Tokelauan Community - Third Saturday of the month, 5pm Vigil Mass at St Michael’s.
Filipino Community - Third Friday of the month, 6pm at St Michael’s.

Welcome to new family

We are excited to welcome a new family to our school! Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the Forster family and their son, Mason, who has joined our Ark 8 class.

Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

We are pleased to inform you that our Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday, July 23rd, and Wednesday, July 24th. On these days, school will finish early at 2 PM.
To book an interview with your child's teacher, please use the SchoolApp and click on the "Whānau Meetings" button or click on this link: https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/code/qh3k8.
To assist parents who are unable to collect their children at the earlier time, our Teacher Aides will be onsite to provide childcare support.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Have you enrolled your year 6 student into John Paul College for 2025?

Online enrolment for 2025 JPC https://jpc.school.nz/enrolment/
Photos from the Aquatic Centre opening

Health & Safety

Illness and Absence:
  • Keep your child at home if they are feeling unwell to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Notify the school office if your child will be absent due to illness or other reasons.
Hygiene Practices:
  • Reinforce the importance of regular handwashing with soap and water, especially before meals and after using the restroom.
  • Encourage your child to use tissues or their elbow to cover coughs and sneezes.

Spotlight on Learning

Ark 8 Students' Matariki Creations
The Ark 8 children have been busy creating beautiful Matariki art pieces! Their artwork reflects the significance of this special time of year, celebrating the Māori New Year and the Pleiades star cluster. We are proud of their creativity and the effort they have put into their projects.

Ark 10 Students' Collaborative Masterpiece on God's Creation
The Ark 10 children have been busy working on a collaborative masterpiece! This exciting project showcases their teamwork, creativity, and dedication. The result is a stunning piece of art that combines the unique talents of each student.

Upcoming events for Term 2:

  • Wednesday 26 June BOT Meeting
  • Thursday 27 June - Whole School Mass @ St Michael's Church / Matariki Day Celebration
  • Friday 28 June- Matariki Public Holiday ( No School)
  • Thursday 4 July - Speech Competition / Jumping June
  • Friday 5 July - Last day of Term 2
  • Monday 22 July - Start of Term 3

Sports News

Players of the Day

Maxi Team: Jerome Assen
Maxi Team: Eden Tucker

Jaguars- Ayva Mose & Zaiden Sleet
Pumas - Georgia Geyer & Lachlan Stephens
Lions - Tairawhiti Potae

Junior Miniball: Charlie Corbett
Senior Miniball: Jaylah-Lee Ropata-Taipeti
Junior: Montana Foote & Henry Hall
Senior Miniball: Vasa Wallace

Congratulations to our Players of the Day! If you have photos from the games that you'd like to share in our newsletter, please send them to office@stmichaelsrotorua.school.nz.
Thank you for your support!

Board of Trustees

Next board meeting Date: Wednesday 26 June, at 5:30pm
At each BOT meeting - twice a term - policies are reviewed. If you would like to communicate with the BOT, you are welcome to email our independent e-mail address; botstmichaels@gmail.com, or alternatively, send letters to the school in an envelope marked "Board of Trustees."

You are also welcome to attend any meeting, however, if you would like to have speaking rights, you need to request this from the chair using the email address. This email address can be accessed by Joseph Assen (Chair)

St Michael's School Board of Trustees
Joseph Assen(Chair/ Proprietors Rep), Rachael McLanachan (Principal) Nick Horton, Amiria Savea, Angela Smith-Bigwood, Shalya O'Neill (Staff Rep), Chris Hepi (Proprietors Rep)

Each term, the whole school community is invited to review and comment on specific policies and procedures. This feedback is captured using the review button on topics that are under review.
Log on to School Docs to have your say.
SchoolDocs is an online platform that provides access to our school policies, procedures, and guidelines. It serves as a valuable tool for staying informed and ensuring that we are all on the same page.
To access SchoolDocs, please visit
schooldoc.co.nz and use the following login details:
Username: stmichaelsrotorua
Password: community

Sausage Sizzle

Available on Fridays $2 . Orders taken in class at 9am

Pita Pit Lunches available every Wednesday @ School

Cut off time for ordering is 8:45 am on Wednesday
It’s simple; all you need to do is register at www.lunchonline.co.nz
and follow 4 easy steps to get started
1. Register an account
2. Add member/s including your name and delivery location
3. Make a payment to have funds in your account before you order
4. Select your lunch and place an order

PTA News

    Chocolate Fundraiser:
    The PTA Chocolate Fundraiser is still in full swing, and we need your help to make it a huge success! There are still delicious boxes of chocolates waiting to be sold, and you can find them at the office.
    If you’ve got a knack for sales and love a good challenge, come and grab another box of chocolates to sell. The more, the merrier! Remember, all money for the chocolates will be due during the final week of the term ( Next week).
    But that’s not all – we have some amazing prizes up for grabs! The top sellers will receive fantastic rewards, so get out there and show us your sales skills!
    Let’s make this fundraiser a great success together! Thank you for your incredible support.

    School Disco:
    There will be a Disco in term 3. Details to follow.

    Many thanks

    PTA Committee

    Bread on Wednesday

    Bread will be available on Wednesday Mornings. Please collect your bread from outside the office.

    Community News