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Learning to learn and 'Striving for Excellence'

Will my child's learning needs be met?

St Michael's Primary prides itself on providing your child with a developmentally appropriate and individualised learning pathway. We have developed our curriculum by carefully considering what we know about effective teaching and learning combined with current research around child brain development. Your child's unique interests are considered as well as the values and aspirations of your whanau. There is no one size fits all here at St Michaels.


What is the Responsive Curriculum?

Nathan Wallis (nueroscience specialist) presented a report on TVNZ Seven Sharp discussing the benefits of a Play-based Learning approach for children under 7 years. This is just a snippet of why we have changed how we 'provoke' learning here at St Michael's School. 


Our teachers are committed to understanding the developmental and holistic needs of your child and from there they work to create a plan to engage them in their learning focussing heavily on growing positive learning dispositions and the core Key Competencies expressed in our National Curriculum. A child's learning needs are more than just reading, writing and mathematics. We are experienced and committed to growing great citizens who "Walk in the footsteps of Jesus".

Our junor school children are encouraged to develop their social competencies and we work hard to foster a sense of belonging as they begin to practice using their problem solving skills. These early years are crucial and we take play very seriously indeed. 

In the middle and senior school 'fun happens' and the teachers provide the students with many opportunities for authentic, on-going and co-constructed learning experiences. Students are motivated and see learning as something to engage with rather than have "done to them".

How will I know my child is succeeding?

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Welcome to Seesaw! We are very excited to share an amazing app called Seesaw in which students can build online digital portfolios to share their learning in a safe and engaging way.

Each child has their own journal where they can document their learning. Families are able to connect to their child’s journal at home to view the work they are doing. Teachers can also communicate with families through the Seesaw app to provide reminders.

What are the benefits of Seesaw?

Students take ownership and pride in their learning, and they can show what they know through pictures, video, voice recording, text, and more!

Provides an authentic audience for student work – students can share their “WOW work” with classmates, teachers, and their family.

Includes families in the learning process by providing easy to access, immediate updates, built in translation tools, and an opportunity to comment on their child’s school work.

Safe online platform for students to share their work – the classroom teacher approves all student posts before they are shared, and families can only see work posted in their child’s journal.

Helps capture the learning process, encourages students to reflect on their understanding, and helps develop 21st century skills.

Ask your child’s teacher how to begin your Seesaw experience! You may add up to 10 family members to connect to your child’s Seesaw journal.


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