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Principal's Message Week 5, Term 2 - 2020
6 Sleeps to the re-opening of St Michael's School under Alert Level 2
Kia ora to our St Michael's families,
In Today's bulletin 
  • Students requiring additional support 
  • Drinking Fountains
  • School Transport under Level 2
  • Wearing Uniform
  • Hand washing / Hygiene stations
Confirming Attendance
Please confirm your family's details, acknowledge the rules and protocols and confirm your child's attendance by clicking this LINK.
Remember, we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety and care of each other. The confirmation form offers reassurance that you understand your obligations as community members to abide by the protocols and measures in place. Each evening I will update you how many people have responded. 
Our target is for 99 families to complete this form by tomorrow evening.
Student's requiring additional support
Tomorrow I will be meeting with professionals in order to discuss the safe return of all children who are on our special education register. Our discussion points will be focused on ensuring that these children will be supported to understand the "new normal" in regards to health, hygiene and physical distancing. Priority is placed on setting both the staff and students up for success. We expect to individually communicate with the parents of children with additional health and learning needs on Thursday the 14th of May.    
Can students use drinking fountains at Level 2?
Providing clean water at our school is part of our overall health and safety responsibilities.

The surfaces around the fountain including the spout, button/leaver and nozzles could pose a risk for the transmission of COVID-19 and other germs. Our drinking fountains will remain closed. We feel that it is very difficult for us to police that they are being used responsibly and correctly by all children. Therefore:
We encourage students to use personal water bottles. Each classroom has the capacity for students to refill their water bottles during the day. The teacher will ensure that EVERY child has a drink bottle at school. When a child does NOT have a bottle. The school will provide their own bottle for school use. It will be new, named and not shared. 
The teacher or teacher aide will be responsible for the safe refilling of these bottles during the day so that correct hygiene filling procedures can be adhered to.
St Michael's School Water Bottle Filling Procedure
1) Student places his/her empty water bottle in the "refilling" zone that the teacher has reserved
2) The teacher or T/A will first clean the water taps using a anti-bacterial wipe
3) secondly, the teacher or T/A will sanitise their hands
4) next, refill the bottle(s) ensuring that the bottle or nozzle never touches the tap
5) The bottle is wiped with an antibacterial wipe and returned to the child for their bag/cubby hole
6) Where the child is using their own school bottle, the above procedure is observed BUT returned at the end of the day for a thorough hot wash and dry.
School Transport Under Level 2
The following Q&As aim to answer some questions that you may have about school transport.

Ministry bus services will run to normal time tables. School buses are a controlled environment where immediate contact tracing can take place if required, therefore it is not possible to source buses and drivers to maintain distance on school buses. When you confirm your child's attendance you will be asked to confirm HOW your child will be arriving and leaving school. This will signal to us any additional safety measures we need to put in place, how to allocate specific drop off and pick up zones and where to place teachers on duty. 

Health and Safety - Frequently asked questions
You’re keeping the seats behind the driver free, but doesn’t that mean the students will be closer together?  
Our services can only operate where we have drivers, many of whom are in the high risk category for COVID-19. Their employers will be taking extra measures to make them feel safe in their workplace, such as leaving seats in close proximity to the driver free. Physical distancing isn’t practicable on school buses, however, it’s a controlled environment where contact tracing can take place if required. 
What steps are you taking to keep kids safe?
The Ministry is supplying hand sanitiser for students and drivers to use on every journey, and increased cleaning and sanitisation practices will be made after each trip.
What happens if a student is visibly sick while on the bus?
If a student appears sick, the transport company will contact the school bus controller immediately.

Operations and Passenger Lists
Who is responsible for maintaining up-to-date passenger lists?
It is our school’s responsibility to maintain this list and provide it to their transport provider. The Ministry of Health will contact the school if there are any cases requiring contact tracing. Where a bus services more than one school, the ‘head school’ will hold the master list. 
There is strictly front door entry and exit only. The risk associated with back door entry is too high when we are transporting children.
Wearing uniform
St Michael's students will be expected to wear their school uniform when they return. 
Parents are reminded that we are now in our Winter Uniform. 
You can now 'click and collect' from various stores such as the Warehouse AND K-mart should you be interested in making sure your child has the following "essentials"
Long grey socks
Completely black closed in shoes
polypropylene long sleeved top (dark navy only)
Navy blue stockings or long navy blue socks
Completely black closed in shoes
polypropylene long sleeved top (dark navy only)
Also, NZ uniforms is now offering a contact-less shopping option. The St Michael's uniform can be purchased via their website is HERE
At the end of each learning day we encourage children to get out of their uniform straight away, that it is washed and dried for the following day. This is the same "safe hygiene practice" we are expecting from all staff members. 
Handwashing / Hygiene stations

There are some specific public health requirements for Alert Level 2 that must be adhered to in all schools, St Michael's School has carefully considered these MUSTS and developed and installed the necessary procedures and equipment:

·         Parents are asked to keep any sick children at home. If a sick child comes to school, we will send them home. We are not going to take the temperature of all students arriving. Although we are now equipped with digital temperature equipment should we need to use this. If, at level two, your child presents as unwell "flu like symptoms". We will not be taking any risks. You will be contacted immediately.

·         Children, young people and staff should be far enough away from each other so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. 

·         Hand sanitiser is available and must be applied on entry to class rooms and in shared spaces. Every single time you leave the room and then return.  Soap, water and the ability to dry hands must be provided in bathrooms.

·         Where practicable ensure that children and young people regularly wash and dry hands, cough and sneeze into their elbow, and try to avoid touching their face.

·         Physical education classes and break time activities can include access to sports equipment including playgrounds but hygiene practice should be observed after playing with equipment.

·         Disinfect and clean all surfaces daily.


Each classroom is now fitted out with the following 'hygiene stations'
1) high touch surface spray and paper towels (cleaned daily-11am/1pm/3pm/6am)
2) step pedal bin for all high touch surface waste
3) soap dispensers at the classroom sink
4) paper towels for hand drying in the classrooms
5) hand sanitiser dispensers on the wall
6) pump hand sanitiser 
The student toilets are being fitted with 
1) liquid soap dispensers (No more yucky bars)
2) air dryers
The hall toilets are fitted out with 
1) liquid soap dispensers (No more yucky bars)
2) paper towel dispensers
3) step pedal bins
The hall/library/staff room communal spaces will all be fitted with
1) high touch surface spray or antibacterial wipes and paper towels 
2) step pedal bin for all high touch surface waste
3) hand sanitiser dispensers on the wall
4) pump hand sanitiser 
Physical distancing at St Michael's School further explained
Physical distancing remains important, particularly when people are interacting with people they don’t know and who couldn’t be easily traced. However the risks are relatively lower at Alert Level 2, and it’s now safe for individuals to be physically close to their good friends and family.
A school environment is controlled, we know who is at school, who they have been in close contact with and have good hygiene measures in place including regularly washing hands, including before and after using shared equipment. People who are sick are staying at home and we are monitoring for anyone presenting with signs of illness and are cleaning high-touch surfaces daily, multiple times.
So for physical distancing in schools, it means children, young people, and staff maintaining a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other. You literally get some breathing space. As described by Dr Payinda in his NZ Herald article, “Covid's not measles or chickenpox, it doesn't hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passers-by. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don't have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their 'moist breath' zone”.
For more information on how we have developed our daily procedures you can visit the following
If you require any additional information about the topics discussed in this evening's bulletin please do email me directly.
Have a lovely evening, 
Kristina Crouch
Tumuaki / Principal
Te Kura o Hato Mikaere
St Michael's Catholic School, Rotorua

Posted: Tue 12 May 2020


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