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Principal's Message Week 5, Term 2 - 2020
5 Sleeps to the re-opening of St Michael's School
under Alert Level 2
Kia ora to our St Michael's families,
Our target is for 99 families to complete the student return form by this evening.
In today's bulletin
  • Hygiene protocols
  • drop off and pickups
  • lunch ordering system
  • playgrounds and sport

Hygiene Protocols in Common Spaces

  • When visiting our school's office we will operate a one in one out policy. A maximum of two visitors are allowed in the space at any one time. 
  • The school library will operate as normal on a rostered system. A hygiene station is installed in this space for sanitisation on entry and exit. High touch surfaces are cleaned at the end of each group using the space. The library will be closed during break times during the first week of Alert Level 2.
  • Shared supplies and equipment (chromebooks/glue/tables) are able to be used if students and staff are undertaking regular hand washing and staying away if sick. Keyboards are cleaned with antibacterial wipes at the end of the day and stored for charging.
  • Our classroom temperatures will be kept to 18 degrees. 18 – 20 degrees is a comfortable temperature, below that there is increased risk – from a cold household, workplace or school. Our heatpumps have been recently serviced. 
  • Grandparent and or community volunteers can return at Alert Level 2 in class as long as they are meeting all the public health requirements and are recorded in our timetable and/or visitor register. If you are a volunteer and wish to return. Please do contact the teacher whom you usually support and they will add you to our volunteer list for contact tracing purposes.

Drop offs and pickups

We have decided to allocate specific drop off "zones" for our families. 

Each drop off zone will be supervised in the morning AND in the afternoon.

The Zones are: 

1) Clayton Road entry and carpark

Reserved for Galilee families and staff. It will also be the drop off and pick up zone for our After School Care vans. It will be monitored and controlled by the Galilee teaching team and support staff.

2) Park on the roadside on Lisa Crescent (Bus Stop) 

Reserved for Mrs Knoxs' class and Mrs Brits' class. As well as the arrival of our Bus students and walkers/scooters. It will be managed by the Eden team and their support staff.

3) Drive through gate on Lisa Crescent. Child exits the vehicle on the LEFT side and enters the school grounds via the large netball court gates. Parents then EXIT via  the blue May Road gate

Reserved for our littlest people in the Ark and their families. A staff member will be available to receive and greet your littlest person and escort them to their classroom space. We are very sensitive that some of our smallest students may feel a level of separation anxiety. Please do contact the Principal to discuss these concerns should they be your experience. Where possible we will arrange a plan with you.

When picking up your Ark children in the afternoon. Please wait patiently in the car queue while we safely place the children into the cars.

If you have multiple children attending St Michael's School please use the drop off zone relevant to your YOUNGEST attending child. 

What time can I drop my children off?

The school gates will be opened at 8:30am for drop offs. Please respect our need to prepare classroom spaces and be able to carefully monitor the first few days. Do not bring them to school earlier. All of the school gates will then be closed by our caretaker at 9:10am. If you are late. You will need to call the office to arrange for your child to report first to the school office and marked as present.

What time can I pick my child up?

Your children will be supported to pack up their belongings, sanitise their hands and then escorted to their relevant pick up zone by a teacher or support staff member. The staff member will wait with the children until you arrive. All children need to have left our school site no later than 3:20pm

A very small group of parents have indicated that they would like to drop their children off earlier due to work commitments. At this time we are unable to accommodate this request. We are looking into providing a space for the children of essential workers who start shift earlier to access a "before school care" option. But at this point in time. It will need to be planned for ensuring the right staff is available, a space is available and we can ensure the health and safety of the community. I anticipate notifying those parents who have requested this service with the final outcome no later than lunchtime on Friday.

Lunch ordering system and meal times

Ka Pai Kai will be ready to go on Wednesday 20th providing lunches to our students, however, there will be a slightly modified and simplified menu range due to the Level 2 restrictions on The Kapai Kai kitchen (physical distancing, ages & health needs of volunteers etc).
This menu will be made available to you as soon as it is sent through.
Children will still continue to order in the usual way via the school's office.
Parents. Please ensure that children have their own food containers and do not give and take food to and from each other. Food can be supplied in accordance with public health guidance (including shared fruit[1]).

[1] Shared fruit should be washed under the tap, and cut up. Those preparing the fruit should wash and dry their hands before preparing.



Playgrounds and Sports

  • Our playground will be open at Alert Level 2 (to align with reopening of public spaces) – children will wash their hands before and after use. They will be encouraged to not be within eachother's "breathing space" while enjoying the playground. Scooters, bikes, rollerblades and skateboards are welcome back at St Michael's School. As always. A helmet is an essential item for the students to wear. No helmet? No wheels.

  • Sports - sports equipment use and activities can resume.  Contact sports can resume.  This relies on being able to contact trace who is on site during school hours and at school team training and competitions.  Any inter school events that recommence will need to have a contact tracing register in place to record those playing for and against teams

  • There are no restrictions on groups of children and students mixing with others on site.  Where practicable where groups/classes do mix – attendance should be recorded as it should if the composition of groups and classes change during the day.

Enjoy your evening ladies and gentlemen! Not long to go now! Another quick acknowledgement to our teachers and support staff who continue to work tirelessly to ensure every duck is in its row before we open on Monday. 

Kristina Crouch


Posted: Wed 13 May 2020


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