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Principal's Message Week 5, Term 2 - 2020
4 Sleeps to the re-opening of St Michael's School under Alert Level 2
Kia ora to our St Michael's families,
In today's bulletin
  • Track and tracing protocol explained
  • Zoom session Q & A offered for families
  • Wellbeing updates from MOE
  • Before School Care 

Track and tracing protocol explained

From the results of your attendance confirmation we have been able to completely update our student information database. 

During Alert Level 2 we are not allowing parents onsite. This will help us to confidently be able to keep track of who is on our grounds, where they go and who they come into contact with for tracing purposes.

Parents of children in our New Entrant space have a special waiver. We know that it's a big deal for our little people who come to school as well as for their parents. If you are the parent of a new entrant (Year 0-1) and you would like to walk your child to their classroom please do this. You will be asked to sign in at your child's classroom as well as sanitise. You are welcome to park in the Clayton Road carpark for this purpose.

Children and staff who are unwell are advised to stay home. 

If a person in your home is being tested for covid-19 we request that you let the school know immediately and obviously ensure that your child is kept home while you are awaiting test results. Currently, the turn around time for tests is approximately 2 days. 

During this time, your child will be deemed as being in "isolation" and home learning will be provided for them. Once you have a negative test result your child is free to return to school as normal. If your test comes back as positive you are required to let the school know immediately. In the event of this the Ministry of Health will advise St Michael's School as to what our next steps are. 

Zoom session - Question and Answers - Face to Face opportunity

An opportunity exists for you to Zoom your child's teacher prior to Monday's reopening. You will be notified of this time via the school's Seesaw app. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has completed the return to school Google Form. It is the best response by far that we have ever had. I am really grateful.

This opportunity is to discuss any questions you might have about what your child's first days will look like. It is not specifically about teaching and learning but is centred on our Health and Wellbeing practices. Later in the term we will connect with each family face to face to set the scene for their learning and achievement within our classrooms.

Before School Care

Before school care is being offered to those students who have parents working within Essential Services. This specfically is defined as (teachers and education workers as well as health care professionals).

We have two staff (Mrs Natalie Rickard and Ms Katrina Hawker) who will provide a before care service which will be available for the duration of Alert Level 2. Children who are accepted onto this list (limited strictly to twenty students at this time) will be allowed to arrive at school at 7:30am. A senior staff member will be onsite during this time also providing professional oversight and support in the unlikely event of an emergency.

We are requesting a small koha to support this service (recommended $20 per child per week). This really is just to cover the costs of additional staffing.

I urge you, if you haven't done so already to contact me directly to express an interest.

The deadline for your expressions of interest is 12pm Friday the 14th of May. After this time those parents will be sent a confirmation letter detailing the arrival times, H & S protocols etc. 

We haven't got long to go. Our teachers are meeting tomorrow for our teacher only day. We are dotting our I's and Crossing T's. Ensuring that everything is sterilised, running through the arrival of students, track and tracing and ensuring they are given space and time to plan exciting and welcoming activities for your children.

Please continue to communicate with me as some of you have been doing. It is encouraging to see the willingness to work in partnership which has meant we have been able to provide service and care to meet your needs during this time. 

Have a wonderful evening,

Kristina Crouch


Posted: Thu 14 May 2020


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