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Our senior school is called Galilee. 

We have three teachers in our Galilee learning space :- Matua Peri Marks, Mrs Jo Paget and Whaea Kelly Swinton.  We also have two learning assistants: - Mrs Tracey Goodrick and Mrs Natalie Rickard.

It is called Galilee as it represents the area where Jesus performed many miracles including walking on water, calming the storm and feeding the five thousand.

For our students it represents a time on their academic journey where their pilgrimage can challenge them most. They are called to lead, to witness and become true disciples of our Church community.

Academically the students are preparing to transition into College. They are sharpening their skills that they will take with them into the next level of their journey. They are learning to take greater control of their learning, are practicing mastery in a couple of areas and are role modelling the school spirit to our youngest students. 

Children at the end of their time in Galilee are transformed and ready to take on challenges beyond St Michael's School. We send them off on their journey and we know that some, many years later may even return to us. 


St Michael's Catholic Primary School is a Special Character Catholic School