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Because St Michael's is a Catholic School, our enrolment requirements are different to other schools.  


  1. Our integration agreement with the government states that we are only allowed to have 26 "non-preference" students on our roll at any one time
  2. Parents are able to place their child's name on a waiting list.  Children will be offered placement as vacancies occur in accordance with the following guidelines:
    • Siblings of existing non-preference students
    • Students living within the agreed catchment area
    • children of staff members
    • Students living outside the schools agreed catchment area.

The date names are placed on the waiting list will define the priority within each of the above criteria.


There are six ways to gain entry to St Michael's Catholic School

  1. The child has been baptised or is preparing for baptism into the Catholic faith
  2. The child has a sibling who has been baptised in the Catholic faith
  3. At least one parent is Catholic
  4. A Grandparent or other significant adult in the child's life (e.g. uncle or aunty) agrees to support the child's formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church
  5. One or both of the child's parents is preparing to become a Catholic
  6. Entry under the "non-preference" roll (26 spaces)

If you meet one of the requirements listed 1-5 above you can enter the school on the Preference Roll.  To do this you will need a preference card from the Parish office (ph: 07 3480289)

St Michael's Catholic Primary School is a Special Character Catholic School