Galilee – Years 4 – 6

Our senior school is called Galilee. 

In our Galilee learning space, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated educators consisting of Shayla O’Neill, Mrs Jo Paget, and Mrs Zenobia Knox, along with learning assistants, Tracey Goodrick and Ra Ward. The name “Galilee” is inspired by the area where Jesus performed many miracles, including walking on water, calming the storm, and feeding the five thousand. For our students, Galilee represents a challenging phase in their academic journey, where they are called upon to lead, witness, and become true disciples of our Church community.

As our students prepare to transition into intermediate, they are developing the necessary skills to succeed at the next level. They are encouraged to take greater control of their learning, master all curriculum areas, and serve as positive role models for our youngest students, embodying the spirit of our school. By the end of their time in Galilee, our students are transformed and equipped to tackle challenges beyond St Michael’s School. We send them off on their journey with the knowledge that they are ready to tackle their next education challenge, having grown and matured through their experiences while at St Michael’s Catholic School.