The Ark Years 1 – 3

The teachers in the Ark; Mrs Jo Fleet , Mrs Edith Klostermann and Marion Brits.  We also have Learning Assistant Tina Hetherington.  

Our junior class offers a comprehensive education that focuses on structured literacy, religious education learning, and learning through play. 

Structured literacy is an evidence-based approach to teaching literacy skills that helps students develop strong phonological awareness, decoding, and encoding skills. Our teachers use structured literacy strategies to teach students how to read, write, and spell with confidence. They also incorporate individualised instruction and multisensory techniques to ensure that all students are making progress.

Religious education is an important part of our curriculum. We believe that teaching children about faith and values helps to develop a strong moral foundation that will guide them throughout their lives. Our religious education learning covers a range of topics, including Bible stories, prayers, and values such as kindness, empathy, and respect.

Learning through play is an essential component of our junior class. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged, curious, and motivated. Our teachers provide a range of hands-on, play-based learning activities that help students develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, and social-emotional intelligence. Play-based learning also promotes language development, physical development, and cognitive development.

We provide many opportunities for conversation, sharing ideas, asking questions, and helping each other. We watch for times when children can become peer tutors; each child is an expert at something. We help children use that expertise to help others in the classroom.

This age is an exciting one in a child’s life. They are enthusiastic learners as they advance in reading and math skills and experiencing the world around them. Socially they are beginning to see situations from the other person’s perspective and truly enjoy cooperative play. Challenging themselves physically and gaining better control of their fine and gross motor skills is another accomplishment. Using their language skills to express their emotions as well as beginning to empathize with others can also been seen at this stage. 

Overall, our junior class offers a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in later years. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment that supports the development of the whole child.