Our Board

The governance of the school is the responsibility of the School Board. The Board's main objective is to ensure that all necessary tasks are carried out in the best interests of the students, while adhering to legal and ethical standards. The St Michael's Catholic School Board consists of the principal, a staff representative, three elected parent representatives, three Bishop's representatives, and a Board secretary.

Board meetings are held on a Thursday on weeks 3 and 8 of each term, dates are in the School Calendar and advertised in the Newsletter. These meetings are public meetings and anyone is welcome to attend. The minutes of previous Board meetings are available to the public from the school office.

Chairperson:  Joseph Assen
Staff Representative: Shayla O’Neill
Principal: Rachael McLanachan

Parent Representatives:

  • Amiria Savea
  • Nick Horton
  • Angela Smith-Bigwood
Proprietors Representatives
  • Bridget Aitchison
  • Joseph Assen
  • Chris Hepi


BOT Role

  • The Board of Trustees is the school’s governing body and is responsible for ensuring the school operates and complies with all the relevant laws and regulations.
  • BOT supports the Principals day to day management of the school as well as deciding matters of school policy.
  • Information about the regulations relating to the Board membership may be obtained from the Board Secretary.
  • The full Board meets twice a term on a Thursday at 6.00pm at school.
  • Dates of Board meetings are noted in the school newsletter.